Hormone Balancing

The Endocrine system is a complex web of interrelated glands and the hormones they secrete, regulating every aspect of daily metabolism. The Hypothalamus and Pituitary glands in the brain act as master regulators that coordinate the function of the hormonal glands in the rest of the body. These major glands include the thyroid, the adrenal glands, the pancreas and the male and female sex organs. All these hormones function together to regulate our metabolism and nearly every aspect of our health and wellbeing. 

Signs of Hormonal Imbalance:

  • Fatigue and lack of energy
  • Weight gain (or Weight loss)
  • Anxiety, depression, mood dis-regulation
  • Hair loss
  • Low libido
  • Insomnia
  • Irregular periods
  • GI issues

Diagnosable Endocrine Conditions:

  • Thyroid: Hyperthyroid (Graves Dz), Hypothyroid, Hashimoto's Dz
  • Pancreas: Diabetes Type II, Insulin Resistance
  • Adrenals: Cushing's Dz, Addison's Dz, Functional Adrenal Insufficiency (Adrenal Fatigue)
  • Ovaries: PCOS, Low Estrogen, PMS, PMDS
  • Testies: Hypoandrogenism/ Hypogonadism

My diagnostic approach to weight loss in my patients is to do a thorough history, physical exam and lab work up that includes the following tests (when appropriate):

  • Hormone testing and Standard blood work up
  • BAH-Energetic overview of all the factors currently affecting your health
  • Food Allergy testing (stool and blood)
  • Heavy Metal testing
  • Mineral deficiency testing
  • Mold testing
  • Parasite testing

It is important to recognize that every person is different and each treatment plan is uniquely tailored to that person.  My treatment approach generally includes all of the following:

  • Diet and exercise counseling
  • Herbal and nutritional supplementation
  • Homeopathic and Spagyric energetic remedies
  • Isopathic remedies
  • Hormonal supplementation
  • HCG Diet

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