On this page you’ll find a list of my favorite products I regularly recommend to patients and personally endorse. Most of these products are available on amazon but a few are only available through specialty websites. If you have any questions on any of the products please feel free to contact me.

Tilys Biotech Cell Phone Protection

The Tilys Biotech cell phone protection devise is a must for anyone with a cell phone. Cell phones generate artificial EMF (Electro magnetic frequencies) which are harmful to the body’s biology. They disrupt the integrity of our water molecules and block beneficial natural frequencies from informing our cells. The Tilys adapter sticks onto the back of your cell phone and converts the harmful artificial EMF frequencies into ones your body can process eliminating the toxic effect these waves have on our bodies.


NADOVIM-Brain Support

The best nootropic (brain support) supplement on the market today. NADOVIM combines the energy boosting effects of NAD+ with 7 other powerful anti-aging and cognitive enhancing herbs, amino acids and minerals. Doctor formulated and clinically proven I’ve seen this product do amazing things with my chronic fatigue, neurological and autoimmune patients, helping to improve their symptoms and quality of life.

Calm-Magnesium citrate:

One of my favorite all time products. Magnesium citrate is excellent for imprving digestion (especially constipation), muscle soreness and calming anxiety. I usually recommend 1-2 tablespoons twice per day. If you take too much you may notice loose stools so back off on the dose. Safe in children and pregnant women.


Integrative Therapeutics-Magnesium Glycinate Plus:

Magnesium glycinate is a great product for improving sleep. Glycinate has been studied to increase deep sleep and reduce anxiety in individuals suffering from insomnia. Starting with 2 caps before bed is usually a good starting dose.