Dragon's Blood-The Most Powerful Antioxidant On Earth


Continuing on with Antioxidants and ORAC scores I wanted to introduce you to this tree. It's called Croton lechleri aka Sangre de Grado or Dragon's blood. That red viscous fluid that looks like blood is actually the sap from the tree. The tree is found all over South America and its sap has been used medicinally for wound healing and internally for diarrhea by local people's for centuries.

Here's the kicker: the sap has an ORAC score of 2,897,110!!!!! That's 2.8 million. Just as a reference cloves are clocking in at 314K and Acai berries at 102K.

In vitro and animal studies show that it can promote the healing of gastric ulcers, and inhibit cutaneous neurogenic inflammation. A proanthocyanidin oligomer isolated from the latex of Croton lechleri is approved by the FDA as a prescription drug to relieve diarrhea associated with antiretroviral therapy in HIV/AIDS patients.

Double blind placebo controlled trials of preparations of Dragon's blood have shown increased wound healing in pts. I have not personally used this remedy clinically or seen anyone who has but I'm excited to learn more about it.