How Are Your Bowel Movements?


Most people don't like talking about their bowel movements (BMs) but you can tell a lot about a persons health from their stools.

Naturopathic doctors love talking about poop because it's such a powerful window into a persons gastrointestinal health. How many BMs are you having? Are they loose or hard? What's the color? Any rotten smells? Floating? Any blood? Mucous? Undigested food?

All these questions, although uncomfortable for many patients to think about, are great indicators of your digestive health. Are you digesting properly? Do you have an infection? Do you have an overgrowth? Is there inflammation? Are you sensitive to certain foods? Are you getting enough water? All these questions can be answered from the stool.

The standard Bristol stool chart can be a little uncomfortable for some patients so here's a fun alternative.

An ideal healthy bowel movement looks like number 4; sausage like in appearance, light brown, smooth and soft. Ideal number is about 1-2 per day.