Weightlifting To Increase Longevity


Weightlifting is such a powerful modality to help stem the effects of aging. In addition to strengthening bones and muscles weightlifting has been shown to increase cognitive abilities and mental acuity. Muscle size and strength is directly correlated with mortality risk. The more muscle you have as you age the greater your predicted longevity will be.

If your goal is to build strength its important to do more weightlifting exercises at a lower rep range (5-10 reps per set of each exercise). If your goal is to increase the size of your muscles doing exercises at a higher rep range (10-15 reps per set of each exercise) is what you should be aiming for. A combination approach that alternates between the two is ideal for long term strength and muscle gains. You should be aiming for failure at the end of each set, meaning you are unable to lift one more repetition. If you are not lifting until failure you will not stress the muscles enough to stimulate growth.

My current work out split is geared towards a higher rep range because that it what feels best for my body but everyone is different. The following is a weekly run down of my current exercise routine.

20-30 minutes or row machine before each exercise, followed by:

  • Day 1: Shoulders and Arms

  • Day 2: Legs and Abs

  • Day 3: Chest and Back

  • Day 4: Rest

  • Repeat

Shoulders and Arms:
Shoulder press free weight-35 lbs-15,15,15
(Shoulder press seated machine)-seat3-80lbs-15,15,15
Shoulder standing pull up bar-95 lbs-15,15,15
Lateral raise-15lbs-12,12,12

Bicep curl machine-seat2-75lbs 14,12,12 45lbs-20
Standing cable bicep curl-30lbs-15,15,15

Tricep extension- 75lbs-15,15,15
Reverse tricep bar extension-70lbs 15,12,12

Legs and Abs:
Forward single leg alternating lunge-25 lbs-15,12,12
Free weight dead-lift-25 lbs-10,12,12

Leg extension-115lbs-12,12,12
Leg curl-75lbs-12,12,12

Hanging leg raise-12,12,12

Chest and Back:
Incline close grip press 30 lbs-15,15,15
(Flat bench close grip-45lbs-10,10,10
or Bench press machine seated(3)-90 lbs-15,15,15
Seated fly(2)-65lbs-15,12,12

Lat Pull down-90lbs-15,12,12
Seated row-80lbs-15,15,15